New Products—Avoid Surprise

The Situation: New product development

The Challenge: The management of a [industry] company had developed two new product ideas. After devoting a great deal of time and resources to the idea generation process, they were quite satisfied with the results.

But when they applied Decision Command, they were stunned. The software alerted them to a 31 percent probability that they had missed an opportunity—possibly a major one. The management team knew they couldn’t leave a potentially profitable idea on the table. To identify that idea, they had to revisit the product development process.

The Breakthrough: Once again, the management team turned to Decision Command. The software prompted them to conceive two new products based on concepts that had previously not been considered. These new ideas were considerably better than the original ones. By identifying the gaps in the decision-making, Decision Command alerted the team to the most promising options available.

Estimated Value: Approximately million $$$