Exceptional results come from exceptional decisions.

  • Step 1 – Design your game plan: Determine the key drivers—the predictive factors
    that determine success.

  • Step 2 – Test alternatives against key metrics: Probability of Success; Probability of Opportunities missed; and Probability of Surprise/Black Swan. Quantitative data provides a more objective look at the quality of your decision in real time.

  • Step 3 -Revise and Refine: Revise and Refine: If the metrics reveal risks or weaknesses in your decision, test multiple action plans and see the results in real time.

Save Time—Without Cutting Corners

  • Launch the process quickly with a range of alternatives
  • Spot risks early on, so they don’t slow you down later
  • Focus the team’s attention on what’s important, reducing friction and delays

Teams using Decision Command spend 22 percent less time on the decision-making process.

Expect the Unexpected

Surprises are great for parties and horror movies. They’re much less welcome in business.

That’s why the Surprise Calculator is one of Decision Command’s most powerful features. The software uses sophisticated mathematics to identify information gaps. These gaps can trigger unexpected events down the road—but they can also reveal key considerations up front. Surprise Calculator turns your future weakness into your current strength.