Competitive Bidding–Role Play Produces Win

PROBLEM: A firm was in a competitive bidding situation. If they won the deal it would be a sizable benefit for the firm. They had worked hard on the proposal and were confident they had done an excellent job and would win. Just to check and be doubly sure, they applied the software. It identified that their proposal would lose, this opposite of what they believed. This astounded the partners since they had put considerable thought into the proposal and felt it was excellent.

BREAKTHROUGH: A careful examination of the analysis, however, validated that the software was correct. It helped them see the reasoning from the viewpoint of the firm that was the customer, the one that was going to select the best bid. They thought they had considered that, but the software helped them do it significantly more precisely and to perceive the problems. It also helped them see the inadequacies with their proposal and what to do about it. They then developed a brand new proposal with an entirely different strategy. That was the breakthrough. It took considerable effort including adding new members to the team, but with the new proposal, they ended up winning the deal.

ESTIMATED VALUE: millions of dollars